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e- & mHealth

The e- & mHealth Special Interest Group (SIG) will provide a platform to address e- & mHealth related research within the framework provided by the International Society for Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA). ISBNPA addresses behavioural research in nutrition, physical activity and sedentary behaviour. 

Within the ISBNPA and SIG context, e- & mHealth are defined as the use of electronic & mobile technologies (e.g. the Internet, mobile devices and apps) to expand, assist or enhance health and health care delivery. 

With increasing prevalence of unhealthy dietary practices, physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour, effective and low cost approaches that can improve these health behaviours in large populations are needed to improve health and well-being and reduce health care costs. Interactive electronic & mobile technologies have potential to expand, assist and/or enhance delivery of health promotion initiatives and thus improve health behaviour outcomes. Though a sizeable body of literature is developing in this area, the science of using e- and mHealth technologies is still relatively young and large gaps remain. For example, more work needs to be done to improve the (long-term) effectiveness and reach of behavioural e- and mHealth interventions, and many questions remain around optimal implementation and dissemination. 

The purpose of the SIG is to build a community of interested ISBNPA members to advance e- & mHealth related research specifically related to physical activity, dietary and sedentary behaviours. The SIG will provide a forum to discuss new evidence, underlying mechanisms and specific components of e- &mHealth-based interventions that may lead to enhanced behavioural outcomes. 

Carol Maher (; Chair; University of South Australia; Australia
Camille E Short (; Co-Chair; University of Adelaide; Australia
Corneel Vandelanotte (; Past Chair; Central Queensland University; Australia
Andre M Müller (; Secretary; National University of Singapore, Singapore
Petra Wark (; Events and Awards; Coventry University; United Kingdom
Michael L Lopez (; Social Media and Memberships; Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service; USA
Anouk Middelweerd (; Social Media; Erasmus University Medical Center; The Netherlands
Melinda Hutchesson (; Newsletter co-ordinator; University of Newcastle; Australia
Louise Poppe (; Newsletter team; Gent University; Belgium 
Ann De Smet (; Newsletter team; Gent University; Belgium
Amanda Staiano (; Newsletter team; Pennington Biomedical Research Center; USA

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