Children and families

The Children and Families SIG will be an interdisciplinary group of ISBNPA members dedicated to research of obesity, behavioral nutrition and physical activity in children and parents.

Our objective is to advance understanding of the complex associations of these behaviors with health outcomes and their biological, environmental, psychological and social determinants. 

SIG Chair:

Rebecca Stanley
University of Wollongong, Australia 


SIG Co-Chairs:

Leah Lipsky
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, USA 

SIG Officers:

Leonie Uijtdewilligen
National Univesrity of Singapore, Singapore
Kathryn Hesketh 

SIG Officers – additional new volunteers; currently confirming commitment:

Jodie Stearns
University of Alberta, Canada  
Alison Massie
University of Texas School of Public Health, USA 
Wilmarie du Plessis