Policies and environments

The goal of this SIG is to facilitate a network of ISBNPA members that are working in the area of environment and policy research to improve diet and physical activity.

By creating a platform by which researchers in ISBNPA across the globe can share their work in this area, the SIG hopes to promote collaboration across measurement, monitoring, evaluation, stimulation of action and advocacy efforts, definition, dissemination and translation of current and future research in this area.
For the purposes of the SIG, “environments" are defined broadly to include the collective physical, economic, policy and socio-cultural surroundings, opportunities and conditions that influence people’s food and beverage choices, nutritional status, sedentary behavior and physical activity.
Policy is defined broadly to include local, state and national and/or international laws and policies. Programs may be included, if specified by a law. In this SIG, environment and policy are viewed as two levers that often overlap and may be utilized to promote population change in health and behavior. These levers offer potential to make the environments where we live, work and play more health promotive and supportive of healthier behaviors that can be integrated easily into lifestyles.

SIG Co-chairs: 

Dr. Elizabeth Ablah, Associate Professor, University of Kansas School of Medicine
Dr. Elizabeth Racine, Associate Professor, UNC Charlotte

Others in the ‘Leadership team’:

Dr. Mei-Wei Chang, Associate Professor, Ohio State University
Dr. Jeroen Lakerveld, Senior Researcher, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam
Dr. Rebecca Lee, Professor, Arizona State University
Joreintje Mackenbach, Researcher, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam
Dr. April Oh, National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute
Dr. Daniel Taber, Assistant Professor, University of Texas School of Public Health
Dr. Stefanie Vandevijvere, Senior Research Fellow, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Dr. Wilma Waterlander, Postdoctoral researcher, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Professor Catherine Woods, Chair of Physical Activity and Health, University of Limerick

Interviews with SIG members

Follow the links below to watch a series of short-interviews organized by the Policies and Environments SIG

Interview with Jeroen Lakerveld


Interview with Joreintje Mackenbach 


Interview with Liesbeth Velema 


Interview with Jean Adams