ISBNPA’s first student/ECR webinar: Tips and tricks for finding research money now: traditional and non-traditional funding sources

27 to 28 April 2016

You can see the recording here:

Date and time
Wednesday 27 April at 16:00 EST (21:00 London, 22:00 Paris, 28 April 06:00 Melbourne)

Jo Salmon, Deakin University Melbourne, Australia (president ISBNPA)
David Crawford, Deakin University Melbourne, Australia
Charlie Foster, University of Oxford, UK
Wendy Van Lippevelde, Ghent University, Belgium
Professor David Crawford is head of the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences and the Director of the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition. Professor Crawford’s research is concerned with obesity prevention. He has extensive experience with grant writing and will start our webinar with grant writing tips for more traditional funding sources such as national funding schemes.
Charlie Foster is Deputy Director of the Research Group and the WHO Collaborating Centre on Population Approaches to Non-Communicable Disease Prevention. He leads two British Heart Foundation funded programmes of research on physical activity and obesity has global policy and advocacy experience working with WHO, European Commission, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention USA. Professor Foster will continue the webinar with a focus on acquiring money from non-traditional funding sources.
The webinar will end with an opportunity for questions and comments posted by the audience. Comments and questions can be submitted electronically throughout the webinar and will be facilitated by the webinar’s Moderator. 


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