ISBNPA 2105 Satellite meeting: Challenging interventions with an obese society-engaging without enraging

This satellite offers a range of interactive sessions, work-share structured discussions and a designer lead approach to creative opportunities for increasing awareness and action around physical activity and diet for weight management. Presentations include recent work on new visual tools for assessing unhealthy body weight in children, effective communications and brief interventions.

Our programme aims to explore

  • How good are we at recruiting and retaining overweight people in our control and intervention groups?

  • How we practice optimal oral communications with intervention participants - do we know the key concepts of engagement?

  • How good are our tools at measuring and assisting weight loss- can we engage with the design community?

  • What are the key factors in brief interventions for weight management- how brief is brief?

In all areas of nutrition and physical activity interventions, researchers are faced with engaging children and adults with excess body weight (even when weight management is not a study outcome). Often described as the elephant in the room, behavioural interventions must take account of energy needs, physical abilities and disabilities and researchers need to optimise communications which engage but do not enrage.  

All ISBNPA members with an interest in optimising communications about obesity research (involving diet and physical activity) are welcome to the meeting for an interactive day with time for sharing experiences, reflections and ideas.

We are also offering the opportunity for a walk and talk poster presentation session with a prize for the most innovative presentation.

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St Andrews University & University of Dundee Scotland


St Andrews University, Scotland