A note about the registration fee

1 February 2018

Dear members,

We look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong at our annual meeting. We have provided a brief summary of what your ISBNPA registration fee supports.

ISBNPA annual meeting:

  • Venue hire, IT and media support
  • Food and beverages
  • Support staff
  • Keynote speakers flight and accommodation

Low and Middle-Income support:

  • Annual meeting scholarships: 15000 USD/year to assist colleagues to attend our meeting
  • Research grants: 15000 USD/year for building capacity and research outputs in LMIC countries.

Young researchers support:

  • We subsidise student/LMIC participants' registration (approx. 30% of delegates)
  • Ongoing support of the NESI committee

Special Interests Groups Support:

  • $1500/year for each SIG to invest in their activities
  • Infrastructure to support SIG webinars

Members from the ISBNPA Executive Committee pay for their travel and accommodation for the Annual Meeting. 

Please feel free to contact António Palmeira ( if you would like further information about ISBNPA activities.