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24 September 2016

ADOPT Core Measures

ADOPT Core Measures

Lesley Lytle is involved in an exciting research project: the ADOPT Core Measures Project aims to advance adult obesity treatment in the face of well-documented individual variability in response to treatment.  To achieve this goal, there is a critical need to better understand the sources of this variability and develop models which integrate behavioral, psychosocial, environmental, and biological predictors and moderators of adult treatment responses.   Such models could provide the basis for developing and testing tailored treatments which optimize initial weight loss and sustain the weight reduced state. 

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) convened a group of interdisciplinary scientists, the Accumulating Data to Optimally Predict obesity Treatment (ADOPT) Core Measures Working Group, to lead this project.  The ADOPT Working Group is tasked with identifying an initial core set of high-priority measures that when used consistently in studies can facilitate the identification of replicable predictors or moderators of treatment response.  


The ADOPT Working Group launched this process by entering potential predictors and mediators into the Grid-Enabled Measures (GEM) Database (  Because GEM was developed to share the best measures for many topics (read about GEM), 4 workspaces were created to organize the ADOPT work: 

·       Behavioral Workspace

·       Biological Workspace

·       Environmental Workspace

·       Psychosocial Workspace


As the next step in this process, the ADOPT Working Group needs your input regarding the measures entered in GEM.    GEM provides an online venue for you and other scientists to provide feedback on the potential measures by

·       providing additional information about measures already entered in GEM,

·       rating and commenting on each entered measure, such as on its quality, ease of administration, ease of completion, and  availability,  and

·       entering additional measures into GEM, with supporting information, for consideration.


Contributing to this effort is incredibly easy: 

·       Login as a GEM user to enter information or comment.  If you have not previously used GEM, you can register by clicking a link in the upper right hand corner of the home page

·       Proceed to any of the four ADOPT workspaces by  clicking on each above workspace link 

·       Select ‘measures’ along the left-hand side of the screen.  You will then be able to comment on the measures entered in GEM or add new ones.    

·       If you add a new measure but are not sure which workspace is most appropriate, pick one and enter it. 

More detailed instructions can be found in the attached handout or you can contact us at


We would appreciate your input through GEM by October 7, 2016.  The ADOPT Working Group will consider your input as it develops an initial list of measures to present at a forum during Obesity Week (Friday, November 4, 2016 from 8-9:30 am; 15097: Toward Optimizing Long-Term Obesity Treatment: Measuring Core Variables in Adult Weight Loss Trials). 


We hope that you will agree that this is an important effort and will work with us to help the obesity research community to obtain better data to optimize long-term obesity treatment.  This project won’t work without your input! 




Paul MacLean, Alex Rothman, Cay Loria, Tanya Agurs-Collins, Susan Czajkowski, and Holly Nicastro on behalf of the


Accumulating Data to Optimally Predict obesity Treatment (ADOPT) Core Measures Working Group


Daniel H. Bessesen, MD

Kerri Boutelle, PhD

Molly Bray, PhD

Anita P. Courcoulas, MD, MPH, FACS

Elissa Epel, PhD

Amy Gorin, PhD

Kevin D. Hall, PhD

Mark Hopkins, PhD, MSc, BSc

John M. Jakicic, PhD

Leslie A. Lytle, PhD

Paul S. MacLean, PhD (Co-chair)

Tiffany M. Powell-Wiley MD, MPH, FAHA

Naresh M. Punjabi, MD, PhD                                                                

Susan B. Roberts, PhD

Michael Rosenbaum, MD

Alex Rothman, PhD (Co-chair)

Donna H. Ryan, MD

Brian E. Saelens, PhD

Cary R. Savage, PhD

Dana M Small, PhD

Angelina R. Sutin, PhD

David M. Williams, PhD

Shannon N. Zenk, PhD, MPH, RN


NIH Planning Group


Tanya Agurs-Collins, PhD, R.D. (Co-lead)

S. Sonia Arteaga, PhD

Rachel Ballard, MD, MPH

David Berrigan PhD MPH

Josephine Boyington, PhD, MPH, CNS

Susan M. Czajkowski, PhD (Co-lead)

Janet M. de Jesus, MS, RD

Mary Evans, PhD

Paige A. Green, PhD, MPH

Christine M. Hunter, Ph.D., ABPP

Aaron D. Laposky, PhD

Maren R. Laughlin, PhD

Catherine (Cay) Loria, PhD, MS, MA (Co-lead)

Padma Maruvada PhD

Richard P Moser, PhD

Holly Nicastro, PhD, MPH (Co-lead)

Lis Nielsen, PhD

Charlotte Pratt, PhD, MS, RD

Jill Reedy, PhD, MPH, RD

Elise Rice, PhD

Katrina J. Serrano, PhD, CHES

Luke E. Stoeckel, PhD

Aynur Unalp-Arida, MD, MSc, PhD

Susan Z. Yanovski, MD

Deborah Young-Hyman, PhD.